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Internet Lesson Plans for Beginners

TechnoExplorer Icon Elementary students learn to use the Internet safely and effectively. Following illustrated, step by step instructions, students go on a virtual adventure to discover the wonders of the WWW, email, and chat.

Session 1 Become Internet Explorers

TechnoBit and TechnoByte, the two missing explorers of the Internet. Meet TechnoBit and TechnoByte, intrepid explorers of the Internet. They were having so much fun clicking around that they are now lost in Cyberspace. Students must voyage on the ship “Explorer” to search the Internet for the two missing friends.

Before students start to look for the explorers, they learn more about the Internet to ensure the voyage is safe. The Internet lesson plans in TechnoExplorer include history, terminology, and safety tips.

Once familiar with the Internet, students’ first task is to search using bookmarked web pages. They learn how to save the pictures on a web page into a folder.
Internet lesson plans from Session 1 in the technology project, TechnoExplorer.
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Session 2 Explore Email

The search continues as students register for an email account to learn about sending, reading, and responding to email. (If the school or district has already provided students with email accounts, this activity can be skipped.) The focus continues to be on safety, good decision making, and problem solving.

Posing as TechnoBit and TechnoByte, the teacher sends emails to the students giving them hints for their search. The text for the emails is supplied in the TechnoExplorer Teacher Guide.

Students learn fun tricks, such as using emoticons (or smilies), as well as skills such as organizing addresses in a contact list.

Create a bulletin board using the Emoticon Cards, provided as part of the resources, in the technology project, TechnoExplorer.
Create a bulletin board uisng the Emoticon Cards.

Session 3 Email Bulletin

Elementary students apply their knowledge of email to continue to search for TechnoBit and TechnoByte. They learn skills such as attaching a picture and formatting the text in an email.

They also receive emails from the missing explorers (sent by the teacher), which contain new discoveries about the Internet. Students are directed to explore bookmarked sites with sound clips, videos, and web cams. Included in the TechnoExplorer resources is an Internet Favorites folder with a list of interesting, safe websites for children.

With luck and some clever detective work, the two missing Internet explorers will be found somewhere on the World Wide Web.

Session 4 Explore Ecards

There are many exciting ways to communicate using the Internet. In this session, each student receives an ecard, an electronic greeting card, from TechnoBit and TechnoByte (the teacher in disguise).

Next, students learn essential tips about using search engines to locate Ecard websites to send one to their friends.
Internet lesson plans that describe effective search strategies.
Internet Lessons


Learning Objectives
  • explain and demonstrate safe use of the Internet
  • use effective search strategies to find information
  • compare the results of different search engines
  • bookmark a web page
  • save a picture from a web page to a folder
  • show netiquette and follow the rules of email safety
  • send, read, reply to, forward, and delete email
  • attach an image and include a hyperlink in email
  • outline and follow the rules for using chat safely
  • list the benefits of using chat to communicate

Session 5 Explore Online Games

Another email from TechnoBit and TechnoByte appears in each student’s mailbox. The new message tells about online games. Students follow the instructions to find a host of recommended game sites. These bookmarked, safe, and fun websites are sure to be a hit. In this session, students:

  • bookmark a web page
  • add a link to an email
  • evaluate game websites

Session 6 Explore Chat

A website that includes links to fun places for kids on the Internet, provided with the resources in TechnoExplorer. As the students get closer to finding their missing friends, they learn how to chat online using Windows Live Messenger. To start, they complete an activity about Internet safety and chat. Next, students are given a topic to discuss, such as how the Internet can be a valuable tool. They learn how to converse using instant messaging.

In the final activity, students find the explorers! TechnoBit and TechnoByte are located on a web page, included in the project resources.

Internet Quiz

At the end of TechnoExplorer, is an Internet quiz. This short answer quiz, requires students to reflect on their learning. They answer questions about their use of the Internet, search strategies, and safety.

Internet Safety

The lesson plans in TechnoExplorer emphasize safe and ethical use of the Internet. Students engage in activities to learn about:

  • email safety
  • privacy and the Internet
  • viruses
  • chat safety

Optional Internet Lesson Plans

The Internet lesson plans in TechnoExplorer include additional fun and challenging ideas for review and enrichment:

  • Tools and Terms: Match tools to their functions.
  • Email Checkup: Answer review questions.
  • Talk About Email: Discuss hot topics with each other.
  • Packet Switching: Learn how Internet data travels.
  • Be an Internet Explorer: Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Explore Bandwidth: Find out about Internet speed.
  • Cyberbullying: Strategies for dealing with cyberbullies.

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