Grades 3-6 - Computer Lesson Plans

Junior Technology Projects

  • Elementary Computer Lessons
  • Engage students with project based learning activities.
  • Produce digital stories, reports, surveys & more!

Project Based Learning and Elementary Students

TechnoKids Junior Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook and customizable resource files. Computer lessons are project based and have students apply technology to make learning meaningful.

Photo of GOOGLEPKG - Google Apps Package
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Google Apps Package

17 projects with lessons for Grades 1-12. Project based activities for Google Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Slides, and Forms.

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Photo of MICROSOFTPLUSPKG - Microsoft Plus Package
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Microsoft Plus Package

Computer lessons include project based activities that use Microsoft Office. Make learning meaningful.

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Photo of OFFICE365PKG - Office 365 Online Package
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Office 365 Online Package

Projects with lessons for Grades 1-12. Write stories, create presentations, design a newsletter, research information, graph data, and more using Office Online.

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Photo of MICROSOFTCOMPLETEPKG - Microsoft Complete Package: Microsoft Plus + Office 365 Projects

Microsoft Complete Package: Microsoft Plus + Office 365 Projects

Project based activities for Microsoft Office and Office 365 Online. More than 50 projects that integrate technology into curriculum.

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Photo of JNR-SET - Junior Microsoft Plus Set

Junior Microsoft Plus Set

Projects for Grades 3-5. Integrate technology to create publications, presentations, and more.

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Photo of JNR-JOURNEY - TechnoJourney


Discover wonders online. Take an e-journey. Learn Internet safety, search strategies, research skills, and more!

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Photo of JNR-RESEARCH - TechnoResearch
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Develop research skills. Create a Fun Fact Card in Google Docs or Word Online using word processing lessons.

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Photo of JNR-TOON - TechnoToon


Create a digital story that looks like a cartoon or animated comic strip using Google Slides or PowerPoint Online. Creative writing lessons.

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Photo of JNR-DRAMA - TechnoDrama


Produce a digital story using Movie Maker. Collaborate with peers to modernize a nursery rhyme.

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Photo of JNR-CANDY - TechnoCandy


Investigate a problem, conduct a survey, research packaging, and recommend a solution using Google Apps or Office 365 Online lessons.

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Photo of JNR-JOURNAL - TechnoJournal


Create a journal using Google Apps or Office 365 lessons. Journaling activities for elementary students.

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Photo of JNR-PRESENTER - TechnoPresenter


Practice public speaking. Present research findings using a slide show with speaker notes. Lessons for Google Slides or PowerPoint Online.

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Photo of JNR-BIZ - TechnoBiz
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Increase candy sales. Organize and graph data in Excel. Analyze findings. Report solution using Word.

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Photo of JNR-MOVIE - TechnoMovie


Create an animated story using PowerPoint. Star in the adventure about an imaginary place.

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Photo of JNR-CORRESPONDENT - TechnoCorrespondent


Write a travel news article with Microsoft Word. Edit a photo to place yourself "on the scene".

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Photo of JNR-LINK - TechnoLink


Construct a web page for kids using a Microsoft Word template. Include pictures, hyperlinks, and animations.

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Photo of JNR-SALES - TechnoSales


Students plan a bake sale with the help of Excel. Organize, graph and calculate survey data.

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Photo of JNR-QUEST - TechnoQuest


Embark on a Medieval quest! Create a shield, solve riddles, design a quiz, and become anointed as a Knight!

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Photo of JNR-REPORT - TechnoReport


Raise awareness about endangered species. Research an animal and report the facts using Microsoft Word.

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Photo of JNR-MUMMY - TechnoMummy


Discover the identity of an Egyptian mummy. Study artifacts to learn about class, beliefs, and interests.

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Photo of JNR-POET - TechnoPoet


Compose poetry to create a Pocketful of Poems book in Microsoft Word. Share with others in a poetry reading.

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Photo of JNR-HERO - TechnoHero


Create an informative presentation on a prominent figure with these easy to use PowerPoint lesson plans.

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Engage Students!

Lesson plans contain computer-based activities designed for elementary students.

  • Step by step instructions are easy to follow
  • Free curriculum support provided
  • Student worksheets can be annotated for paperless classrooms
  • Activities integrate technology into curriculum

TechnoKids was the best investment I could have ever made for my Computer Applications' Classes. These units provide instruction for all of the software programs that students need to be successful in junior high, high school, and beginning of college. The instructions are well-stated and the examples given are extremely helpful in carrying out the projects. The students can work ahead on their own or if out for an absence, they can easily follow directions on their own to proceed

elementary computer based activities reviewer

C. Andrews,
Starkville Academy,