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TechnoNovel Details

Novel Study Activities! Middle school students promote a favorite novel or story by creating an animated book trailer, using Microsoft PowerPoint.

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TechnoNovel Includes:

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Book Trailer

Review Questions

Skill Reviews

Extension Activities

Summary of Skills Checklist

Parent Letter



Novel Study Lesson Plans

Book Trailer

Planning Sheet

Novel Study Activities

TechnoNovel Icon Middle school students use PowerPoint lesson plans to create a book trailer, which is an animated book report. Similar to a movie trailer, a preview of the book is created to entice people to read.

Session 1 About the Novel

The novel study activities in TechnoNovel, begin with students viewing a sample book trailer. A worksheet includes questions about the content and how the promotion entices the audience to read the story. TechnoNovel includes a sample book trailer created using Microsoft PowerPoint.

After watching the advertisement, students complete a planning sheet about a novel they have read. They describe the main characters, setting, plot, and what they liked about the story. This information will be used to create their own book trailer.

Session 2 Introduce the Novel

In TechnoNovel are detailed PowerPoint lesson plans. Prior to making the book trailer, students are introduced to the program by labelling the parts of the window and answering questions about commonly used tools.

Next, students make the title slide for their book trailer. Illustrated, step by step instructions explain how to add a background, insert a picture, format an image, format text, draw shapes, and create WordArt. The result is an impressive, professional looking slide.

Session 3 Meet the Characters

TECHNONOVEL: Promote reading! Design an animated book trailer using PowerPoint.
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Students introduce the main characters with clip art and descriptive text. They learn how to edit a clip art image in order to change the image to look like someone from the story.

Session 4 Attract Attention

The novel study activities in TechnoNovel, include instructions to create a slide that captures the audience's attention. To start, students complete a worksheet that helps them to generate a list of words and phrases that build suspense and interest in the book. TECHNONOVEL: Design a book trailer using PowerPoint.

Students follow the detailed PowerPoint lesson plans to transform the text into WordArt. In an upcoming session, animation techniques are used to make the words appear on the screen gradually. This slide will hook viewer attention!

Integrate Language Arts with Technology
The novel study activities integrate language arts learning objectives with technology. In TechnoNovel, students create an animated book report using PowerPoint. The novel can be the student’s choice or a novel that the entire class is studying.

Learning Objectives
  • promote a book using convincing words and pictures
  • identify story elements: character, setting, plot
  • acquire a digital picture of the book cover
  • insert clip art, shapes, pictures, and WordArt
  • delete, move, rotate, and re-color clip art
  • add a text box to a slide and format its appearance
  • describe personality traits of characters and setting
  • illustrate key events that tell about the plot of a story
  • add animation, transitions, and sound
  • play a slide show

Session 5 About the Plot

As students become familiar with PowerPoint, new skills are applied and practised on the final three slides:

  • Setting Slide: Describe where the story takes place.
  • Key Event Slide: Illustrate an important event.
  • Promotion Slide: Entice the audience to read the novel.
Novel Study Activities - Follow the PowerPoint lesson plans to create a book trailer that includes information about the setting and events in the novel.

Session 6 Animation Sensation

In the final session of the novel study activities, step by step PowerPoint instructions explain to students how to add:

  • animation to selected objects on slides
  • transition effects between slides
  • soundtrack

Optional Novel Study Activities

Included with the novel study activities in TechnoNovel, are fun and challenging book report ideas:

  • Postcard: Send a message using PowerPoint.
  • Wanted Poster:Make a novel character notorious.
  • Collage: Find clip art related to the story.
  • Mobile: Create a mobile about setting, plot, characters.
  • Interactive Quiz: Learn advanced PowerPoint skills.
TECHNONOVEL: Novel study ideas using PowerPoint.

Other PowerPoint Lesson Plans
Advertise a vacation.
Operate a business.
Create a tribute.
Tell a digital story.
Make an animated report.

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