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TechnoEnvironment Details

Are you teaching an environmental unit? TechnoEnvironment has everything you need to raise environmental awareness! Step-by-step instructions explain how to create publications with Microsoft Publisher.

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TechnoEnvironment Includes:

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Environmental Fact Sheets

Postcard Template

Pamphlet Template

Postcard Sample

Poster Sample

Pamphlet Sample

Review Questions

Skill Reviews

Extension Activities

Internet Favorites

Postcard Checklist

Postcard Marking Sheet

Poster Checklist

Poster Marking Sheet

Pamphlet Checklist

Pamphlet Marking Sheet

Summary of Skills Checklist

Parent Letter



Acid Rain Fact Sheet

Overfishing Fact Sheet

Plastic Pollution Fact Sheet

Sample Lesson

Garbage Skill Review

Environmental Lessons

TechnoEnvironment Icon In this project, middle school students raise environmental awareness. They use Publisher to create a postcard, poster, and pamphlet that describe the issue and offer solutions.

Session 1 Research the Topic

Students research an environmental issue. To start, they learn about stewardship. Next, they select a topic and then conduct research. Instructions are provided for how to search the Internet, use Microsoft Word to organize facts, cite the source, and gather pictures related to the topic.

Environmental Fact Sheets
TechnoKids has created Fact Sheets on a range of environmental topics including acid rain, clear cutting, endangered reefs, fuel emissions, garbage, global warming, invasive species, kudzu invasion, moutaintop mining, nuclear energy, oil sands, overfishing, plastic pollution, and water consumption. Ideas for using environmental fact sheets:
TechnoEnvironment: Acid Rain Fact Sheet included with the environmental lessons. Acid Rain
Plastic Pollution

  • Background Knowledge: Many students may have limited knowledge of environmental issues. Have them read about a subject before they select a topic.
  • Source of Information:Many information sources are written using jargon that is difficult to understand. Fact sheets are designed for middle school students.
  • Offer a Starting Point: Students can start by reading the fact sheet and then extend their knowledge by researching additional interesting facts or solutions.

Session 2 Postcards from the Edge

Environmental lessons in the technology project TechnoEnvironment explain how to create a postcard with Microsoft Publisher. Students send a postcard asking for help to protect the Earth. To prepare for this task, they are introduced to Microsoft Publisher. Once familiar with the program, students learn how to use basic program tools to illustrate the damage caused to the environment and write a message about the problem.
View Sample Lessons

Session 3 Help Wanted!

Students use Microsoft Publisher to create a poster to alert others about the environmental issue. The poster will contain a picture of the problem, clipart, solution that students can do, border, attention getter, and Word Art title. The poster will be a great way to publicize the problem and encourage others to get actively involved. TECHNOENVIRONMENT: Design publications using MS Publisher to raise environmental awareness.

The poster teaches advanced graphic skills including how to:

  • adjust object order
  • align objects relative to the margins or other objects
  • rotate or flip an object
  • group or ungroup objects

Integrate technology into your environmental unit. Create publications that raise environmental awareness.

Read the press release about TechnoEnvironment.

Learning Objectives
  • formulate questions about an environmental issue
  • communicate causes, harmful effects, and solutions
  • compare advantages/disadvantages of a solution
  • format text so that it is easy to read
  • format pictures attractively to draw attention
  • insert pre-set elements for a consistent design
  • arrange elements to create a balanced layout
  • apply a border to frame the information
  • list information using bullets
  • organize information using a table

Session 4 Educate the Public

Students begin to create a pamphlet that will educate the public about an environmental issue. To start, they review a sample to gain an understanding of the content and design of the publication. Once familiar with the task, they open a template, insert a border, and set the color scheme. Text boxes are then inserted into specific panels in preparation of information being added in the following session. Once the layout of the pamphlet has been established, students apply their skills to create an attractive front cover and add content to the first panel. The environmental lessons in TechnoEnvironment explain how to create a pamphet in Microsoft Publisher to raise awareness about an important issue.
View Pamphlet

Session 5 Solve the Problem

The environmental lesson plans in TechnoEnvironment teach students how to organize information using a table to compare the advantages and disadvantages to a solution. Students continue working on the pamphlet by proposing solutions to the environmental issue. The three panels of the second page of the pamphlet are completed using:
  • bulleted text
  • pictures
  • captions
  • pre-set design elements
On the third panel, students add and format a table to compare the advantages and disadvantages of a solution to the problem.

Session 6 Take an Environmental Quiz

Students follow the instructions in the environmental lessons to construct a quiz using a pre-built Microsoft Publisher response form. The multiple choice questions will challenge readers to learn about the environmental issue. Tips are included for writing incorrect answers.

To complete the publication students use spell check to correct errors, complete a checklist, print the document, and then assemble it into a tri-fold pamphlet.
The environmental lessons in TechnoEnvironment challenge middle school students to construct a quiz.

Optional Environmental Lessons

Are you teaching an environmental unit or do you just want to celebrate Earth Day? TechnoEnvironment has environmental lesson plans for you!

  • The World is Not your Trash Can: Make a postcard.
  • More Plastic than Plankton: Create a poster.
  • Environmental Map: Spread an environmental alert.
  • Save the Earth Calendar: Highlight an event.

Read the TechnoKids blog entries about TechnoEnvironment.

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