TechnoShapes KID PIX 3D

Item Number: PRI-SHAPES

Technology Integration: Math, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics

Program: KID PIX 3D

Includes: KID PIX Lessons, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoShapes Parent Letter, TechnoShapes Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Shape Cards, All About Shapes Video, Shape Art Show, Find the Shapes Resource, Lots of Lines Resource, Quilts Show, Quilts Templates, Shirt Template

Session 1: Shape Solver

Learn about shapes with the shapes video. Draw shapes with KID PIX.

Session 2: Shape Designs

Explore and find shapes in artwork. Make your own geometric pattern.

Session 3: Dot to Dot Designs

Connect the dots; make your own polygon. Find shapes in common objects.

Session 4: Lovely Lines

Learn about lines. Make a picture with lines of various textures and patterns.

Session 5: Shape Quilt

Use rubber stamps to decorate a square for a classroom quilt.

Session 6: Shape Detective

Find shapes in everyday objects. Make a picture of like-shaped rubber stamps.

KID PIX Lessons Extension Activities

My Shape Book: Sort paper shapes.
Butter Cutout Cookies: Eat a delicious shape!
Shape Collage: Cut out magazine pictures.
Paint Lines with String: Pull and paint.
Cookie Cutter Stamps: Become a decorator.
Paper Sculpture: Make a 3-D design.

Integrate Technology into Learning
Helpful Resources Included
Make a Classroom Quilt
Recognize Shapes in Objects

Draw, Classify, and Discover Shapes in Objects

Integrate technology into Preschool or Kindergarten mathematics. Explore shapes and patterns using Kid Pix 3D lessons.

  • Compare two-dimensional shapes
  • Identify shapes using common geometric terms
  • Study artwork to notice shapes
  • Draw shapes using digital paint tools.
  • Compose pictures using two-dimensional shapes
  • Explore different elements of design in visual arts
  • Create a dot to dot design
  • Identify repeating patterns
  • Create a geometric design using a pattern of stamps
  • Use technology to extend learning

Customer Reviews

Preschool children complete fun activities using Kid Pix 3D lessons. They learn about shapes and create unique designs.

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TechnoShapes KID PIX 3D

Kids love it!

C. Devaney, Mitchelstown, Ireland, Bright Sparks Childcare Centre

Kids love it!

keyword reviewer

C. Devaney,
Brightsparks Child Care,
Mitchelstown, Ireland

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