Technology Integration: Social Studies, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Database, Graphics

Program: Access, Paint

Includes: Traditions Lesson Plans, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoCelebrate Parent Letter, TechnoCelebrate Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Paint Template, Celebrate Database (database includes over 30 religious, memorial, international, national, and personal celebrations from around the world)

Session 1: Celebrations Around the World

View the Celebrations database to learn about traditions around the world.

Session 2: Festivities Around the World

Sort the records in the Celebrations database using Filter by Form.

Session 3: Finding Festival Facts

Learn about a celebration using facts listed in a database.

Session 4: Family Tradition

Use Microsoft Paint to create a picture of a family tradition.

Session 5: Our Family Traditions

Add a record about a family tradition to the Our Family Traditions database.

Session 6: TechnoCelebration

Share the Our Family Traditions database with fellow classmates.

Optional Traditions Lesson Plans

A New Tradition: Create a brand new tradition all your own!
One Day Celebration: Paint a picture of all your favorite celebrations.
Celebration Timeline: Create a personal celebration timeline.

Discover Celebrations and Traditions
Study a Database of International Celebrations
Paint a Family Tradition
Organize Family Traditions in a Database

Explore Traditions and Celebrations

Integrate social studies with technology. Discover family traditions. Explore a wide variety of world cultures with the TechnoCelebrate database. Build essential computer skills with TechnoCelebrate traditions lesson plans.

  • Define traditions and celebrations
  • Recognize similarities and differences in celebrations
  • Understand the purpose of a database
  • View database records to learn about celebrations
  • Apply and remove a filter to search a database
  • Research a celebration
  • Paint a picture of a tradition using the tools in Paint
  • Create a new record describing a favorite tradition
  • Insert a picture into a database field
  • Print a record in a database

Customer Reviews

Explore traditions and celebrations from around the world by studying records in the TechnoCelebrate database. Follow the detailed lesson plans to share a family tradition by adding a record to the database. Traditions lesson plans hook student interest and develop fundamental technology skills.

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You’re a great company.  I am really pleased with your tech support. 

K. Warr , NC, USA, Charlotte Christian School

You’re a great company. I am really pleased with your tech support.

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K. Warr,
Charlotte Christian School,

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