Technology Integration: Business Studies, Language Arts, Math, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics, Spreadsheet, Word Processing

Program: Excel Online, Excel Survey, Google Apps, Google Docs, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Office 365 Online, PowerPoint Online, Word Online

Includes: Google Apps or Office 365 Online Lessons, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities, TechnoRestaurateur Parent Letter, TechnoRestaurateur Certificate, TechnoRestaurateur Skill Summary, Letter Checklist, Letter Marking Sheet, Newsletter Checklist, Newsletter Marking Sheet, Restaurateur Spreadsheet Sample, Logo Sample, Professional Letter Sample, Floor Plan Sample, Newsletter Sample, Advertisement Sample, Autoshapes folder

Assignment 1: Become a Restaurateur

Consider how technology can help launch a restaurant venture.

Assignment 2: Learn Basic Spreadsheet Skills

Explore spreadsheets to understand terminology and acquire basic skills.

Assignment 3: Conduct a Survey of Food Preferences

Conduct a survey to investigate cuisine preferences.

Assignment 4: Record Survey Results in a Spreadsheet

Organize survey results. Format the data to make it easy to read.

Assignment 5: Graph Survey Results as a Pie Chart

Graph survey results using a pie chart. Format the graph.

Assignment 6: Develop Restaurant Idea from Survey Results

Interpret the survey results to develop a business concept based on evidence.

Assignment 7: Create a Company Logo

Create a company logo using drawing tools.

Assignment 8: Write a Professional Letter

Write a letter requesting seed money for the restaurant from investors.

Assignment 9: Draft a Floor Plan

Draft a floor plan for the restaurant that meets the needs of staff and patrons.

Assignment 10: Calculate Monthly Restaurant Earnings

Organize monthly profits. Analyze earnings to develop a business strategy.

Assignment 11: Calculate Quarterly Restaurant Earnings

Calculate quarterly and average earnings to determine financial health of business.

Assignment 12: Graph Quarterly Earnings as a Line Chart

Graph quarterly earnings using a line graph. In Google Sheets apply a trend line to predict future profits.

Assignment 13: Design a Business Opportunity Newsletter

Design a newsletter to promote the restaurant concept as a business opportunity.

Word Processing Activities
Create a Logo and Floor Plan
Analyze Data with Spreadsheets
Enrichment Activities Challenge Students

Use Google Apps or Office 365 Online Lessons to Launch a Successful Restaurant Venture

TechnoRestaurateur offers a unique way to introduce students to Google Apps or Office 365 Online. Students learn spreadsheet, word processing, graphic, presentation, and data management skills. They use Google Sheets or Excel Online to analyze data, Google Docs or Word Online to persuade others to invest, and Google Drawings or PowerPoint Online to create a logo and floor plan. The extension activities include using Google Slides or PowerPoint Online to design an advertisement and Google Forms or Excel Survey to measure customer satisfaction.

  • Problem solve to make logical decisions
  • Collect data using a survey
  • Organize, calculate and graph data
  • Analyze financial earnings using formulas
  • Develop a plan based on the evidence
  • Format text, adjust page setup, and arrange images
  • Write a persuasive letter and newsletter
  • Draw and format shapes, lines, and text boxes
  • Create a company logo using drawing tools
  • Draft a well-organized floor plan

Customer Reviews

Launch a successful restaurant venture. Middle and high school students apply critical and creative thinking to develop a unique business concept. To start, students conduct a survey and interpret the results to make decisions about their restaurant. Next, they create a company logo and write a professional letter to raise seed money. With the funding secured, students design a floor plan. Once the restaurant has operated for a year, financial earnings are analyzed. The business is then advertised using a newsletter to potential investors as a franchise opportunity.

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This project was a huge hit with my junior highers. Since my class is once a week I was able to make this project stretch over 8 weeks. All of the instructions were clear and understandable for kids. I was able to successfully introduce all of the google applications during this one project. Thanks.

Michelle H, Yuma, AZ, Southwestern Christian School


Restaurateur is awesome! The assignments intertwine so many of the Google Apps and are relevant. The students are exposed to the functionality of several Google Apps. The assignments build upon one another and the students are guided to complete up to 6 different projects.

Kim N., Tullahoma, TN, West Middle School


I have purchased the complete Microsoft Plus Package and some individual Google App ones. These are simply the best. I enjoy that they are project based and provide real world skills. GREAT JOB!

Peter H., Nashwauk, MN, Nashwauk-Keewatin Public Schools


My 8th graders love TechnoRestaurateur so I'm ordering another project. Thank you!

S. Norlund, Salt Lake City, UT, J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School


I love using the TechnoKids projects!

S. Roten, Taylorsville, NC, West Alexander Middle School

TechnoKids has been a lifesaver in our business tech courses. We love the way you are able to adapt and cater the projects to each of the different classes.

google apps lessons reviewer

Paul P.
St. Brother Andre CHS,
Markham, ON, Canada

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