Technology Integration: Geography, Language Arts, Science, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Internet, Word Processing

Program: Publisher

Includes: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoEnvironment Parent Letter, TechnoEnvironment Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Postcard Checklist, Postcard Marking Sheet, Poster Checklist, Poster Marking Sheet, Pamphlet Checklist, Pamphlet Marking Sheet, Environment Internet Favorites, Postcard Template, Banner Template, Pamphlet Template, Postcard Sample, Poster Sample, Pamphlet Sample, Environmental Fact Sheets (acid rain, clear cutting, endangered reefs, fuel emissions, garbage, global warming, invasive species, kudzu invasion, mining, nuclear energy, oil sands, plastic pollution, poaching, water consumption)

Session 1: Research the Topic

Research an environmental issue including cause, harmful effects, and solutions.

Session 2: Postcards from the Edge

Send a postcard to a friend asking them for help with an environmental issue.

Session 3: Help Wanted!

Design an environmental poster using advanced Publisher skills.

Session 4: Educate the Public

Urge public involvement. Begin to create a three-fold, double-sided pamphlet.

Session 5: Solve the Problem

Make a comparison table about a solution to the environmental problem.

Session 6: Take an Environmental Quiz

Build a quiz about the environmental topic to encourage understanding of the facts.

Optional Environmental Lessons using Publisher

The World is Not your Trash Can: Make a postcard.
More Plastic than Plankton: Create a poster.
Environmental Map: Spread an environmental alert.
Environmental Conference: Share research with peers.
Save the Earth Calendar: Highlight an event.

Raise Environmental Awareness
Includes Informative Fact Sheets
Create a Poster in Publisher
Design a Trifold Pamphlet

Teach Environmental Stewardship with Publisher Activities

Integrate technology into a project based unit about environmental issues and stewardship. Environmental fact sheets, research organizers, and sample publications support learning.

  • Formulate questions about an environmental issue
  • Investigate an environmental issue using technology
  • Create publications to raise awareness
  • Organize information into sections, lists, and tables
  • Communicate causes, harmful effects, and solutions
  • Analyze advantages and disadvantages for a solution
  • Combine text and graphics to convey a message
  • Design a quiz to foster critical thinking
  • Revise a publication to improve content and layout
  • Publish documents that promote action

Customer Reviews

Environmental Lessons: Middle school students raise environmental awareness. They use Microsoft Publisher to produce a pamphlet that describes the problem, harmful effects, and solutions.

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Rating 5

I love the TechnoKids projects. Thank you for making my job easier!

S. Dwyer, Sequim Middle School, WA, USA

I love the TechnoKids projects. Thank you for making my job easier!

publisher lessons reviewer

S. Dwyer,
Sequim Middle School,

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