Item Number: INT-CEO

Technology Integration: Business Studies, Language Arts, Math, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics, Presentation, Spreadsheet

Program: Excel, PowerPoint

Includes: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoCEO Parent Letter, TechnoCEO Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, TechnoCEO Marking Sheet, TechnoSkater Excel Workbook Sample, Investment Presentation Sample , Logo Sample, Financial Template, Part Time Job Template

Session 1: About Your Company

Build a company from the ground up. Choose a name and develop a logo

Session 2: Organization Chart

Illustrate positions and titles of key business people in an organization chart.

Session 3: Organize Financial Information

Prepare financial information in easy to read format.

Session 4: Calculate Financial Status

Calculate and summarize the company financial status.

Session 5: Graph Financial Results

Compare and illustrate product sales in a graph.

Session 6: Company Report

Present a financial status report using PowerPoint.

Optional PowerPoint and Business Activities

Company Slogans: Design a memorable slogan.
Family Tree: Apply skills to build a graphic organizer.
Power User Tricks: Discover animation PowerPoint tips.

Promote a Business Venture to Investors
Summarize the Corporate Structure
Analyze Sales Data
Design a Company Logo

Develop Financial Literacy using Excel

Integrate technology into a mathematics graphing or entrepreneurship unit. Students analyze business data and prepare a presentation to potential investors.

  • Relate mathematics to real-world situations
  • Develop problem-solving strategies
  • Use technology to conduct investigations
  • Organize financial data in a worksheet
  • Graph data and analyze the information
  • Format content in a spreadsheet
  • Calculate financial data using formulas
  • Design a company logo using digital tools
  • Summarize information in an organizational chart
  • Present a recommended a business opportunity

Customer Reviews

Students assume the role of a Chief Executive Officer. Using a real life model, they create a PowerPoint presentation describing the financial success of their company with the goal of attracting potential investors.

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Rating 5

I have found your product to be the tool needed to teach my students the skills they will use throughout their schooling and career.

T. Pigg , Christian Fellowship School, IL, USA

I have found your product to be the tool needed to teach my students the skills they will use throughout their schooling and career.

entrepreneurship activities reviewer

T. Pigg,
Christian Fellowship School,

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