Technology Integration: Language Arts, Science

Technology Skill: Database, Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Internet, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word Processing

Program: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word

Includes: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoWonderland Parent Letter, TechnoWonderland Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Poster Checklist, Poster Marking Sheet, Animal Placard Checklist, Animal Placard Marking Sheet, Survey Marking Sheet, Video Checklist, Video Marking Sheet, Invitation Checklist, Invitation Marking Sheet, Sample Publications, Report Template, Map Template, Attractions Folder, Wonderland Database (database includes 50 park attractions)

Session 1: Create an Amusement Park

Promote amusement park rides, exhibits, and shows with a poster in Word.

Session 2: Research an Animal Exhibit

Research animal facts and create placards, in Word, that will inform visitors.

Session 3: Survey a New Attraction

Conduct a survey to increase visitor traffic. Graph and analyze results in Excel.

Session 4: Advertise a New Attraction

Create an electronic bulletin board. Publicize a new attraction using PowerPoint.

Session 5: Invite Guests to an Event

Use Publisher to create an invitation to an exclusive event.

Session 6: Analyze Amusement Park Data

Use Access to make corporate decisions about rides, exhibits, and events.

Optional Microsoft Office Lessons

Amusement Park Map: Use symbols and text to make a park map
View the Animal Exhibit: Design a poster with SmartArt graphics
Park Attractions Photo Album: Use PowerPoint to create a photo album
Analyze Visitor Traffic: Calculate and graph with formulas
Amusement Park Sign: Use Word to create a sign
Make a Voucher: Use Publisher to design a coupon
Generate a Calendar: Create a calendar using Publisher
Use a Query to Report Height Restrictions: Generate a query and a report

Learn Essential Word Processing Skills
Use Excel to Develop a Business Plan
Design a Promotion with PowerPoint
Have Fun with Publisher and Access

Transform Students into Microsoft Office Experts

Project based learning with Microsoft Office. Introduce Word, Internet, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access. Include technology activities as part of a computer application, marketing, or business studies course.

  • Design a publication for a target audience
  • Edit text to attract attention and improve readability
  • Insert and format clip art, pictures, wordart
  • Adjust page layout: orientation, margins, border
  • Apply internet search strategies
  • Format and calculate data in a spreadsheet
  • Graph data and customize the appearance
  • Create slides and modify the design
  • Animate slide objects and apply transitions
  • View, search, filter, and add records

Customer Reviews

High school students become marketing executives of an amusement park. This challenging job has them use Microsoft Office to complete a wide range of job duties. They use Word to create a poster and animal exhibit sign, Excel to graph survey results regarding a new attraction, PowerPoint to produce a video, Publisher to design an invitation for an exclusive event, and Access to analyze park data. Review questions, skill reviews, and extension activities challenge students.

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Rating 5

What I appreciate about techno kids is the wonderful support services that are always at the ready. There always seems to be an available “real person” to talk to about product selection and use of the program. Additionally, the cost of the program is reasonable for a teacher’s budget. Finally, the each project engages students in self directed academic rigor that captures their attention and rewards the intellect.

Christopher Burnside, Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon New York

Rating 5

I am thrilled with the Guide and Student Workbook. Hats off to the curriculum writer who did this program. Very complete and comprehensive. Extremely well thought out and put together. The students are going to love it and will definitely learn some beneficial skills.

W. Giraud-Comeau, Lakes District Secondary School, BC, Canada

I am thrilled with the TechnoWonderland Guide and Student Workbook. Hats off to the curriculum writer who did this program. Very complete and comprehensive. Extremely well thought out and put together. The students are going to love it and will definitely learn some beneficial skills.

microsoft office lessons high school reviewer

W. Giraud-Comeau,
Lakes District Secondary School,
BC, Canada

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