Technology Integration: Business Studies, Computer

Technology Skill: Presentation

Program: PowerPoint

Includes: High School Computer Activities, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoSpecialist Parent Letter, TechnoSpecialist Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Presentation Checklist, TechnoSpecialist Marking Sheet, Sample Presentation, Computer History Template, CPU Video File, Sound Card File

Session 1: Introduction to the Computer

Learn about computers. Edit a slide master to design an information package.

Session 2: Storage Devices

Learn about storage. Design a comparison chart to summarize information.

Session 3: Types of Memory

Learn about memory. Use a graphic organizer to explain RAM and ROM.

Session 4: The Microprocessor

Learn about the microprocessor. Create a check list of CPU considerations.

Session 5: Sight and Sound

Learn about graphics. Explain about the monitor, graphics and sound card.

Session 6: Your Computer, Your Way

Prepare to share. Save the presentation in multiple formats for comparison.

Optional High School Computer Activities

About the Computer: Review input and output devices.
History of the Computer: Edit PowerPoint slides.
Data Storage: Select the right device for the task.
Computers in Society: Produce a graphic organizer.

Create an Information Package about Computer Hardware
Learn Advanced PowerPoint Skills
Maximize Presentation Impact
Gain an Understanding of Computer Hardware

Project Based Learning and High School Computer Activities

Make learning about hardware meaningful. Create an information package that explains computer components in simple terms using PowerPoint. Include activities as part of a computer application or business studies course.

  • Understand computer terminology
  • Explain the function of computer components
  • Describe features of an efficient computer
  • Compare the capacity of various storage devices
  • Design a master slide in PowerPoint
  • Create a comparison chart using a table
  • Illustrate a concept using a graphic organizer
  • Insert a video and sound clip onto a slide
  • Edit an image on a slide
  • Output a file using multiple formats

Customer Reviews

High school students prepare a professional information package that explains the attributes of computer components to educate the public to make purchasing decisions. TechnoSpecialist high school computer activities include all teaching resources: teacher guide, digital student workbook with step by step instructions, checklists, and assessment tools.

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TechnoKids is such a great company to work with.

B. Robinson, KY, USA, Walton-Verona Middle School


Last year I taught 10 homeschool kids in our coop using TechnoWonderland and TechnoSpecialist curriculum. I loved the way it was laid out including all the instruction as well as extra projects to reinforce what was learned. It kept me from having to create so much of the class materials and assignments myself. I'm going to do TechnoBiz (spreadsheets) with my youngest in the fall. Wish I could do them all.

R. Rawlings, VA, USA, Homeschool Co-op

TechnoKids is such a great company to work with.

computer hardware activities reviewer

B. Robinson,
Walton-Verona Middle School,

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