Item Number: SNR-ANIMATE

Technology Integration: Media Arts, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Animation, Graphics

Program: Animate or Flash

Includes: Animation Lesson Plans, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, Parent Letter, Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Marking Sheet, Sample Animations and Movie Ideas, Sound Folder for Space Adventure

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Session 1: Out of this World

Practice drawing objects. Use skills to create a simple scene for a space adventure.

Session 2: On an Alien Planet

Use frame by frame animation to create a hovercraft flying over alien terrain.

Session 3: Blast Off into Outer Space

Animate a flying spaceship and spinning star or comet using motion tweens.

Session 4: The Strange Planet

Morph objects with shape tweens to create an unusual moon and talking alien.

Session 5: Coming Home

Draw a motion path to land a spaceship.

Session 6: Add Sound, Export the Movie

Add sound to make the hovercraft hum, spaceship zoom, and alien talk.

Session 7: Make your own Movie

Create an animated scene, short story, or greeting card using animation skills.

Optional Animation Lesson Plans

Flip and Align Objects: Arrange objects on the stage or to each other.
Tail Wagging: Use frame by frame animation to make a dog's tail wag.
Create a Movie Clip: Animate a spinning star and save it as a movie clip.
Who are You? Use a shape tween to morph letters.

Adobe Animate or Flash Lessons
Introduce Animation to Beginners
Have Fun with Shape and Motion Tweens
Create an Animated Story

Animation for Beginners

Use Adobe Animate or Flash lesson plans as part of a media arts, web design, or animation course. Teach how to create static, frame by frame, motion tweens, shape tweens, and motion paths.

  • Animate a space adventure
  • Draw using a variety of tools
  • Convert a drawing into a graphic or movie symbol
  • Transform an object by rotating, skewing, or scaling
  • Animate an object to follow a motion path
  • Animate using frame by frame animation
  • Morph one shape into another with a shape tween
  • Move or rotate an object using a motion tween
  • Position objects using onion skin view
  • Add sound to the timeline

Customer Reviews

High school students animate a digital story with Adobe Animate or Flash lessons. Using illustrated, step by step instructions, they learn how to make objects move using frame-by-frame, motion and shape tweens, and motion paths.

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This project was really a great way to introduce the program features. I loved how there were specific directions but students were still able to individualize their work.


          flash lessons review      


      S. Dartez,
       Greenville County Schools,

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