Technology Integration: Geography, Health, History, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Presentation

Program: Google Apps, Google Slides, PowerPoint Online, Word Online

Includes: Google Slides or PowerPoint Online Lessons and Public Speaking Activities for Elementary, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities, TechnoPresenter Parent Letter, TechnoPresenter Certificate, Presenter Skill Summary, Presentation Checklist, Peer Editing Checklist, Presentation Rubric, Sample Presentations (Diamond, Mummy, Vegetables)

Assignment 1: Oral Presentations and Public Speaking

Consider the role of oral presentations. Rate public speaking readiness.

Assignment 2: Study Presentations

View sample presentation as a source of inspiration. Answer questions about content.

Assignment 3: Select a Topic, Write a Research Question

Use a planning sheet to organize ideas. Select audience and topic. Formulate research question.

Assignment 4: Make a Title Slide

Begin a presentation. Apply a theme. Make a title slide, format text, and insert an image.

Assignment 5:Create an Information Slide

Organize facts in a list. Include details in notes. *Use the Research Tool if using Google Slides.

Assignment 6: Build a Table of Fun Facts

Sort fun facts into categories using a table. Format the cells. Highlight key details in notes.

Assignment 7: Decorate Slides

Enhance slides and emphasize a point using images, shapes, or decorative text.

Assignment 8: Presentation Checklist

Self-assess slide show quality. Make revisions to improve design and clarity.

Assignment 9: Rehearse with Speaker Notes

Practice presentation by presenting with speaker notes or using a printed copy.

Assignment 10: Give an Oral Presentation

Practice public speaking. Communicate findings to an audience. Use slide show as a visual aid.

Public Speaking Extension Activities

Work Together as a Group Project, Insert a Video, Create a Graphic Organizer, Animate Information, Group Presentation Rehearsal, Body Language Skits, Ask an Expert

Give an Oral Presentation
Develop Public Speaking Skills
Research a Topic
Present with Speaker Notes

Integrate Public Speaking with Research and Presentation Skills

The TechnoPresenter lessons are ideal for students in Grades 3-8. Elementary or middle school students can give an oral presentation on any area of study including a topic from science, social studies, history, geography, or health curriculum. The activities introduce essential skills, providing a foundation for future learning.

  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Understand copyright and plagiarism
  • Formulate a question and investigate findings
  • Research using informational text
  • Present information to an audience using a slide show as a visual aid
  • Communicate facts using a bulleted list
  • Build a table to sort facts into categories
  • Enhance slides and emphasize a point with images, shapes, or word art
  • Document information sources
  • Add speaker notes to slides to add extra details

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Integrate public speaking with research and technology skills. An inquiry-based approach is used to formulate and investigate a question. The topic is researched and facts are organized in a bulleted list and table. To prepare for public speaking students follow instructions to write a set of notes that accompany each slide. Upon completion, findings are communicated to an audience in an oral presentation. Additional teaching ideas explain how to collaborate with a partner, insert a video, create a graphic organizer, or animate text.

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