Item Number: JNR-MUMMY

Technology Integration: History, Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Database, Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Word Processing

Program: Access, Paint, Word

Includes: Ancient Egypt Activities, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoMummy Parent Letter, TechnoMummy Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Artifact Checklist, Diary Checklist, TechnoMummy Marking Sheet, Mummy Database (database includes 80 Egyptian artifacts), Glyph Fonts, Egyptian Art, Diary Template, Egyptian Jewelry Templates (armband, beard, headband, bracelet, pectoral)

Session 1: A Trip to Egypt

Record events in a personal diary about a trip to the Valley of the Kings.

Session 2: Ancient Artifacts

Search and view records in a database to study artifacts found in the tomb.

Session 3: An Amazing Find

Use Microsoft Paint to draw your own authentic looking Egyptian artifact.

Session 4: Catalogue the Artifacts

Create a new database record about a new find. Include a picture.

Session 5: Identity Revealed

Filter database records to examine artifacts and discover the mummy identity.

Session 6: Ancient Egypt and the Mummy

Add a diary entry about the mummy’s identity and life.

Optional Ancient Egypt Activities

Make Your Own Mummy: Embalm a chicken with salt.
Be a Pharaoh or Queen: Make jewelry you can wear.
Draw Like an Egyptian: Paint life size figures.
Make Your Own Cartouche: Write in hieroglyphics.
Egyptian Mythology: Connect gods to sacred animals.

Learn About Egypt by Completing Diary Entries
Study a Database of Egyptian Artifacts
Paint an Egyptian Artifact
Resources Included to Enrich Learning

Study Ancient Egypt with Microsoft Access

Integrate technology into an ancient Egyptian social studies or history unit. Research Ancient Egypt, write with hieroglyphs, dress like an Egyptian, draw Egyptian artwork, and analyze artifacts. TechnoMummy Ancient Egypt activities teach fundamental computer skills.

  • Research an early society using the Internet
  • Analyze artifacts to understand an early culture
  • Paint a picture of an artifact using digital paint tools
  • Organize data in a database
  • Infer about ancient daily life by studying artifacts
  • Write a diary entry to give a view of early society
  • Filter data to locate records in a database
  • Add data to fields to create a new artifact record
  • Use technology tools to enhance learning
  • Use a variety of media to communicate information

Customer Reviews

Students become Egyptologists. A secret tomb has been uncovered in the Valley of the Kings. As experts in their field, students travel to Egypt to help uncover the identity of the mummy. By studying the tomb artifacts, clues are revealed about the person and their life in Egypt. TechnoMummy Ancient Egypt activities include all the resources teachers need.

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TechnoKids technology projects are wonderful tools for teaching technology in a very meaningful way.

D. Krulak, MD, USA, The Boys' Latin School of Maryland


My students and I have enjoyed all of the projects I bought from you! They are wonderful.

P. Parker , TX, USA, Harts Bluff ISD

TechnoKids technology projects are wonderful tools for teaching technology in a very meaningful way.

ancient egypt mummy reviewer

D. Krulak,
The Boys' Latin School of Maryland,

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