Item Number: JNR-MOVIE

Technology Integration: Language Arts, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics, Photo Editing, Presentation

Program: PowerPoint

Includes: Digital Storytelling Lessons, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoMovie Parent Letter, TechnoMovie Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, TechnoMovie Marking Sheet, Lost in Space Sample Movie, Sample Video Clip

Session 1: Lights, Camera, Action!

Create a video clip of falling through a portal into a new world.

Session 2: Photo Editing

Edit digital photos to remove the background.

Session 3: The Adventure Begins

Design a slide that captures the action of entering the new world.

Session 4: Illustrating Adventures

Use clip art, digital photos, and animated gifs to illustrate the adventure.

Session 5: On the Move

Animate and sequence the events of the story.

Session 6: Tell the Story

Add narration to the story. Show the movie at the “TechnoMovie Matinee”.

Optional Digital Storytelling Lessons

Make a Poster: Advertise the movie.
Contact a Friend: Write a letter about the movie.
Add Notes: Write narrative speaker notes.
Transitions: Add special effects between slides.
Pitch a Movie: Compose a letter to a producer.
Apply Effects to Your Photo: Make wacky portraits using your own photo.

Make a Digital Story with PowerPoint
Plan Ahead with a Storyboard
Integrate Technology with Language Arts
Explore Photo Editing Tools

Tell a Digital Story using PowerPoint Animations

Integrate technology into a language arts unit with digital storytelling lessons. Students tell a creative digital story in which they include photographs and a video of themselves as the main character.

  • Foster creative thinking to inspire digital storytelling
  • Generate, plan, and organize story ideas
  • Use a digital camera to take video and photos
  • Digitally edit a photo
  • Add background and text to a slide
  • Insert clip art, photos, video, and animated clips
  • Animate objects to effectively illustrate story action
  • Narrate story action to develop speaking skills
  • Apply skills to edit, publish, and share a story
  • Identify effective techniques of story telling

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Elementary students become digital story tellers by creating an animated story using Microsoft PowerPoint. They “star” as the main character in an adventure about a magical place. Integrate technology and language arts with digital storytelling lessons.

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