Item Number: JNR-LINK

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Desktop Publishing, Internet, Word Processing

Program: Word

Includes: Web Design Lesson Plans - Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoLink Parent Letter, TechnoLink Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, TechnoLink Marking Sheet, Web Page Organizer, Internet Favorites, Web Page Template, Fun Links for Kids Sample Web Page, Pets Online Template, Skatekids Template, Optional Instructions and Support to Upload to a Free Web Host (all templates have a custom toolbar)

Session 1: Web Critic

Evaluate websites for kids. Rate navigation, appearance, and site content.

Session 2: Searching Success!

Learn how to find accurate information quickly on the World Wide Web.

Session 3: Planning Your Web Page

Plan and organize web page ideas using the Web Page Organizer.

Session 4: Building a Web Page

Follow simple web design lesson plans to create fun web page links.

Session 5: Make it Look Great

Enhance the web page with animation, dividers, bullets, and pictures.

Session 6: Upload the Web Page

Edit web page content and layout. Upload and view on the World Wide Web.

Optional Web Design Lesson Plans

Customize the Look of Your Page: Create a custom background with a picture
Hotspots: Make a picture into a hyperlink
Links to My Friends: Create a class web ring

Build a Web Page in Word
Learn Skills to Navigate the Web
Templates Included
Explore Personal Interests

Build a Web Page with Microsoft Word

Integrate technology into curriculum. Students make a web page about a personal topic, such as a sport, hobby, or special interest. TechnoLink web design lesson plans include all the resources teachers need.

  • Critically evaluate a web page
  • Compare search results to identify search strategies
  • Search the Internet to locate relevant resources
  • Save a picture from the Internet
  • Use an organizer to plan a web page for children
  • Apply a background to a web page
  • Format and align text and activate hyperlinks
  • Insert pictures, dividers, and animated clips
  • Use a checklist to review and edit a web page
  • Upload a web page to the Internet

Customer Reviews

Elementary students become web designers. They construct a web page using Microsoft Word that includes links to fun places for kids on the World Wide Web. TechnoLink web design lesson plans make creating a web page fun and easy!

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I have been using your curriculum for two years and I love it!  My students love it too!!

T. Batewell, AZ, USA, EAGLE College Prep

I have been using your curriculum for two years and I love it! My students love it too!

hyperlink web page reviewer

T. Batewell,
EAGLE College Prep,

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