Item Number: JNR-DRAMA

Technology Integration: Drama, Language Arts, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Video Production

Program: Movie Maker

Includes: Digital Storytelling Lesson Plans - Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoDrama Parent Letter, TechnoDrama Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, TechnoDrama Rubric, Storyboard Planner, Video Clips for Editing, Sample Videos, Sound Clip Folder

Session 1: Introduction to Movie Maker

Edit a video and learn how to use Windows Movie Maker.

Session 2: Introduction to the Camera

Prepare for filming by learning about recording equipment and camera angles.

Session 3: Plan and Organize Ideas

Cooperative learning allows students to storyboard their ideas.

Session 4: Capture Video

Begin filming. Record action sequences for each shot in the story.

Session 5: Edit the Story

Delete frames, add transitions, effects, overlays and narration in Movie Maker.

Session 6: Digital Storytellers

It's a wrap! Complete video production and share it with others.

Optional Digital Storytelling Lesson Plans

One Picture Tells a Story: Digital story from a picture.
About Nursery Rhymes: Question the ‘plot’.
Modernize Nursery Rhymes: Fill in the blanks for fun.
Happy Ending: Rewrite traditional nursery rhymes.
Set Design: Explore easy ideas to design backdrops.

Produce a Video using Movie Maker
Collaborate with Peers
Apply Video Editing Techniques
Put a New Spin on a Nursery Rhyme

Integrate Technology into Drama or Language Arts

From storyboards to the cutting room floor, teach digital storytelling with TechnoDrama lesson plans. Plan, record, and edit video to put a new spin on a nursery rhyme.

  • Analyze the content and production of a digital story
  • Plan and organize ideas using a storyboard
  • Build essential cooperative group learning skills
  • Use technology to create a nursery rhyme
  • Adjust camera settings to capture video
  • Position the camera to take different types of shots
  • Edit a video using Movie Maker to tell a digital story
  • Delete frames and split a clip into two pieces
  • Edit transitions, effects, and text overlays
  • Add background music or narration

Customer Reviews

Using Movie Maker, elementary students plan, record, and edit video to become digital storytellers. NOTE: Movie Maker 2012 is a free download for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

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TechnoKids was the best investment I could have ever made for my Computer Applications' Classes. These units provide instruction for all of the software programs that students need to be successful in junior high, high school, and beginning of college. The instructions are well-stated and the examples given are extremely helpful in carrying out the projects. The students can work ahead on their own or if out for an absence, they can easily follow directions on their own to proceed.

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C. Andrews,
Starkville Academy,

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